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Terry Mills Democratic Candidate for State Representative . . . a conservative and independent voice in Frankfort

Hello, my name is Terry Mills. I am a candidate for State Representative for the 24th District which includes the counties of Marion, Casey, and part of Pulaski. I was elected on February 2, 2010 to serve until December 31, 2010. I have worked during my short time in office to become the best representative you can have. I am now asking you to elect me to a full term on November 2, 2010.

I graduated from Western Kentucky University in 1973 with a degree in Business Administration. I am age 59 and married to Patty (Lee) Mills for 40 years. I have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. I retired from a 35 year career working for Social Security serving Marion, Casey, and 6 surrounding counties. I retired as Acting District Manager of the Campbellsville office in 2007.

I am seeking this office because I have a strong desire to serve my community. I have been active in church and community service for many years. I believe I can do this well and will always remember that I am working for you, the people of this district, and no one else. I believe State Government should provide necessary services while spending the least possible to do so. I will fight to keep taxes low and control spending. I will also fight to get every possible benefit for this district.

During my few months in office so far I have supported legislation consistent with these principles. I have also become intimately involved with infrastructure projects in the district. In addition, I have listened and responded to hundreds of constituents and made myself available to all parts of the district. I want to do more. Please vote to keep me on November 2, 2010.

I believe in traditional family values. I believe that work is the key to individual success and to improving the quality of life for communities and individuals. I respect and admire the small business owners and entrepreneurs. I have a special respect for common people who go to work every day to provide for their families - I learned at a young age that the key to leading a good life is work. I believe strongly that "a fair day's work for a fair day's pay" is the creed workers and business owners alike should follow.

I believe government (the people) should help those who cannot help themselves. I believe most people want to help themselves, but as a compassionate society, we must be sensitive to the needs of others.

I believe education is crucial in our society. We should support our educators and demand excellence from them and students. We should continue to make it possible for anyone who desires higher education to obtain it.

As your Representative, I bring an objective, independent look to all issues. I really believe the fact that I am not a career politician will be an advantage for the people of this district. I will not be bound by any past associations with lobbyists or other legislators. The only commitment I will have when studying, proposing, introducing, and voting on legislation is to serve the people of the 24th District. I am working only for you.

If you have questions about me, please feel free to call me at (270) 692-8491.

I humbly and respectfully ask for your vote on November 2, 2010.

Signed, Terry Mills Terry Mills in the Kentucky Gazette

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